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  • NAME: Manoj Rollo
  • EMAIL: rollo [at] manoj it
  • GENDER: Male

I am a creative computer scientist, I graduated in "Web and Multimedia Technologies" and "Cinema and Media Communication Engineering". I like to work in the Computer Graphics world, including animation (2D and 3D), SFX, VFX, Film and Multimedia Production. I also gained skills as a Web and Software Developer. How do I see myself? Always motivated and resourceful!


Creative computer scientist, Web Technologist and Cinema and Media Engineer.

Digital Multimedia (Video, Photos,..), Content Editor, 2D/3D Artist, VFX Artist, WEB Designer and Developer, Social Media Manager.


  • Polytechnic of Turin

  • Master of Science LM-32
  • 2014-2017
  • Cinema and Media Engineering

Media Engineering, Communication Engineering, Developer. 97/110

  • University of Udine

  • Bachelor of Science L-31
  • 2010-2014
  • Multimedia and Web Technologies

Web Design, Web Developer, Multimedia Production. 96/110

  • I.T.I. "A. Malignani" - Udine

  • Scientific High School Diploma
  • 2005-2010

Scientific subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics). 66/100



Teamwork. Creativity & communication. Adaptability, Problem Solving, Critical Observation, Reliability, Precision, Organization, Goal Settings and meeting goals, Keeping Deadlines, Productivity, Planning & Organization, Empathic listener, Speaking in public.


Video Production and Editing, Compositing, 3D Modeling and Animation, VFX, Art Direction, Motion and Graphic Design, Image processing, Photography

Graphic Design, Media Production, Web Design and Development, Digital Communication, Social Media Management, Project Management


Suite Adobe (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign),
Autodesk (Maya, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Motion Builder, Mudbox),
Apple (Final Cut Aperture, iLife, iWork),
Microsoft (Office, Visual Studio),
Software Open source (Gimp, Inkscape, Blender, Open and Libre Office, Virtualbox, DaVinci Resolve)


HTML 5, CSS 3, xHTML, JAVA, Javscript, JQUery, Php, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python (Django), C, C++, C#, XML, JSP, DBMS and SQL

  • Programming and Application Development
  • Help Desk and Technical Support PC, MAC
  • Networking & Cyber-security
  • Database Administration
  • Cloud Systems


Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)

Digital Media Engineer & UX Designer

Multimedia communications and UX design
Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant
Web development Front-end & Back-end & with CMS
JAVA software development

Software & Web Internship

  • Marcopolo srl | Business Visualizer, Turin (Italy)
  • october 2017 - april 2018 [6 months]
  • www.marcopolosrl.it

Web Technician;
Web design and developer with CMS;
Layout optimization;
Front-end and Back-end developer;
Software developer JAVA.

3D Generalist Artist and Video Production

GOT ITALY - THE PROJECT: A Game of Thrones Intro Inspired Graduation Project
Video created as a master degree thesis project.
Modeling of the astrolabe and map (with lands, rocks and trees);
Virtual camera operator;
Video and Sound FX;
Website manager (Wordpress / HTML+CSS) and multimedia marketing designer.

Developer, Graphic Designer and Video Editor

  • Polytechnic of Turin, Turin (Italy)
  • september 2014 - june 2016 [9 months]

Master degree works
Group Projects;

Freelance Journalist

Associate reporter for Web site, YouTube channel and social media;
Wordpress Website Administrator;
Graphic Designer for multimedia creations.

Multimedia Designer and Facebook page Manager

Facebook page Administrator;
Graphic Designer for multimedia creations.

Web Developer Wordpress

Wordpress Web Developer;
Website Management and Maintenance;
Graphic contents creation;

Graphic Designer, Facebook page and Website Manager

  • Udine 8° Scout Association, Udine (Italy)
  • september 2013 - july 2014 [11 months]
  • www.udine8.it

Facebook page Administrator;
Website manager with wordpress;
Graphic Designer for multimedia creations.

Video Editor/Productor

  • Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Udine (Italy)
  • april 2014 - may 2014 [2 months]

School against tax evasion
Video, first place at regional graphic-multimeda competition.

Student Internship

Motion capture system technician and animator for a Serious Game project at University for bachelor degree thesis project.
Assembly/disassembly of 8 infrared cameras and monitoring of the equipment.
SW Autodesk MotionBuilder

Computer Assistant

Reception and Support activities to the public;
Regional benefits and services for college students;
IT systems management;
Web developer.

Graphic Designer, Animator 2D and Video Editor/Productor

  • University of Udine, Udine (Italy)
  • april 2013 - june 2013 [3 months]

Migrants in Europe - European competition
Short movie;
Graphic design.

Graphic Designer Junior and Animator 2D

  • .lab, Udine (Italy)
  • february 2013 - june 2013 [5 months]

Project "Magic Udine"
Course of Graphics and Views Arts.

Web Developer

  • Promica srl, Tavagnacco [UD] (Italy)
  • december 2012 - may 2013 [6 months]
  • www.promica.it/

Dynamic Web site development;
HTML, CSS, HML5, CSS3, Javascript, PhP.

Storyboarder and Graphic Designer

  • Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Udine (Italy)
  • january 2013 - april 2013 [4 months]

School against tax evasion
Storyboards, second place at regional graphic competition.

Graphic Designer and Website Designer

Pro Loco Borgo Sole
Graphic design;
Website design and development;
HTML, CSS, HML5, CSS3, Javascript.

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rollo [ at ] manoj . it

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